Garage Door Form

ARCHITECTURAL REVIEW FEE: $50.00 (Payable to the Crystal Tree Homeowners’ Association) Page 1 of 3 (Rev. 2-2021) REQUEST FORM OVERHEAD GARAGE DOOR REPLACEMENT FOR TOWNHOMES CRYSTAL TREE SUBDIVISION HOMEOWNER: Name: ________________________________________________ Address: _________________________ Phone: _____________________ _________________________ CONTRACTOR: (Installer) Name: ______________________________________ Address: _________________________ Phone: _____________________ _________________________ Current Trim Color (Not Siding Color): ___________________________________ REPLACEMENT GARAGE DOOR CHART & COLOR ASSIGNMENTS Townhome Trim Color If Your Trim Color is: Approved Steel Overhead Sixteen Panel Embossed Woodgrain Garage Door Graywood Choice of Selection: Manufacturer Assigned Color C.H.I. Sandstone C.H.I. Bronze See Important Notes on Page 2. Richmond Bisque -OR- Navajo White Manufacturer Assigned Color C.H.I. Almond Spanish Moss Manufacturer Assigned Color C.H.I Bronze Overhead Garage Door Manufacturer: ___________________________________ Garage Door Color Being Installed: ___________________________________ IMPORTANT NOTES: Uniformity must be maintained within each building for both manufacturer and garage door colors. Page 2 of 3 (Rev. 2-2021) EXAMPLE: Building with 3 adjoining townhome units with Graywood trim: 1 st townhome owner desiring to change garage door chooses to install C.H.I. Sandstone color door. This owner submits a Request Form and receives approval. This approval would set the precedence for the entire building and the remaining two adjoining units would be required to use the same C.H.I. Sandstone color doors when they decide to replace their doors. Savings Tip: If two or more units decide to replace their garage doors at the same time, there may be a possibility to receive better pricing from the garage door installer. CERTIFICATE OF INSURANCE: Your contractor must supply you with a certificate of General Liability, Workers Compensation, and Employers’ Liability Insurance, stating that you (as homeowner) and the Crystal Tree Homeowners’ Association are named as additional insured. A copy of this certificate must be submitted along with your Request Form. NOTE: General contractors must also provide the names and certificates of insurance for any subcontractors used on your project. *********************************************************************** CONTRACTOR’S AGREEMENT TO COMPLY: I have read the completed Request Form and agree to comply with all architectural requirements as directed. I understand that any product or workmanship that does not comply with the architectural requirements, as stated, will have to be brought up to those standards immediately, or the privilege of performing future work within the Crystal Tree Subdivision will be forfeited. Contractor’s Signature: _______________________ Dated: ______________ Homeowner’s Signature: _______________________ Dated: ______________ SEND COMPLETED REQUEST FORM, ARCHITECTURAL REVIEW FEE OF $50.00 PAYABLE TO THE CRYSTAL TREE HOMEOWNERS’ ASSOCIATION, AND A COPY OF THE CERTIFICATE OF INSURANCE TO: SCHRANK & ASSOCIATES, INC. P. O. BOX 186 ORLAND PARK, IL 60462 Page 3 of 3 (Rev. 2-2021) ************************************************************************ This portion for office use only: Address of Overhead Garage Door Replacement: ____________________________ ARCHITECTURAL REVIEW Approval: _____yes _____no Reason for Refusal: (if applicable) ___________________________________________ Board Member Signature: ___________________________ Dated: ____________ Additional Notes: